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March 21, 2013
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You were out on the street.

It was cold and rainy.

     Oh how you wished that you had someplace to go home to. Your entire family had died in a fire when your house burnt down not even a year ago. You had no relatives other than the ones that were in the fire, now nothing more than dead bodies. You were starving. It had been a week since you had left the orphanage. You were put in an orphanage when your parents died. That meant a week with barely any food or water.
     By now you were drenched because of the rain. Your body was shacking so hard you could barely see straight let alone get anywhere to get out of the rain. You managed to crawl to the back of what looked like some long forgotten shop. You tried to open the door but, what with being starving and freezing cold, you passed out. Your body limp and leaning on the door.


     The next day when the Undertaker went to take the trash out to the alley, he found that something was blocking the door. He decided to just go around his shop to see what was in the way of the door.
     When he got around to the back of the shop he was surprised to find a girl with (h/c)(h/l) hair and pretty, spotless (s/c) skin. The Undertaker thought that you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He (being The Undertaker) could tell that the girl was not yet dead. He figured that the girl had been caught in the rain storm last night.
    The Undertaker went over to the girl and-after throwing his trash away- lifted her into his arms and carried her into his shop. Once he got inside he put the girl in one of the-unused ('cuz i'm nice)-coffins without a lid. He also gave the girl a thick warm blanket to sleep with.
    Once he did that he put the closed sign on the door and left to get the ingredients he needed to make more biscuits before the girl woke up.


    When you awoke you found your bed to be very comfortable. You then remembered that you didn't fall asleep in something this comfortable and warm, but instead trying to open a door. "Oh" you thought "The shop I tried to get into must not have been abandoned after all. That or somebody saw me and took me home." You decided that the first option had been the more likely one. "Although I do wonder who brought me inside and gave me this comfortable and warm..." You looked down to see what you were sleeping in. "..Coffin to sleep in." You decided to just go back to sleep.
    Although before you could completely drift off you thought to yourself "Wait a minute, who in their right mind would put somebody in a coffin to let them sleep?" And with that final thought you fell asleep.


     The Undertaker reentered the shop and took the closed sign down. He saw that the woman was still sleeping the same as when he left so he decided to make his biscuits. He was just putting the biscuits in the oven when he heard the girl woke up.

     You had just woken up and had decided to get out of the coffin and take a look at you surroundings. You looked around to find more coffins than you had ever seen in one place before. There was also one door on what you assumed to be the front wall of the shop, and two on what you assumed to be the back. You also saw a large jar of what looked to be salt. There was also shelves with all assortments of things.
     You decide to look out all of the doors to see if you could find the owner of the shop, thank them for their hospitality, and be on your way. Low and behold when you walked through one of the doors there was one of the most beautiful men you had ever seen. Well kind of. You could only see half of his face because his silver hair covered his eyes. He also had a long scar on his face. The man was putting something in an oven, so you assumed that this was the kitchen/break room. You patiently waited for the man to face you. This time you weren't as assaulted by his handsomeness when you saw him.

     When The Undertaker stood and turned from putting his biscuits in the oven, he was met with the most beautifully stunning pair of (e/c) eyes he had ever seen. He decided to talk to you.
"Hello, my dear, i'm glad you're finally awake." He stated ~There~ He thought, ~That should get her to talk.~

"H-Hi." You managed to say back. He thought your voice was the most beautiful voice that he had ever heard.
"What's your name, dear?" He asked the girl. He wanted to know her name so he could stop calling her 'girl', 'she', and 'her'.

"M-My name?"you stuttered.
"Yes" he said.
"My name is (y-y-y/n)" You only gave him your first name.
"You can call me Undertaker. Do you happen to have a last name (y/n)?" He questioned you.
"(l/n)" You replied rather reluctantly.
"So,(y/n), why were you out in that weather last night, my dear? Actually wait a minute for me to go get my biscuits out of the oven" Undertaker went to go get his biscuits, and when he got back he offered you one. You politely declined. But he truly did want to know why you were out in that storm.
     You decided that you could trust the man, so you told him every thing. From the time the first started to right up until you "fell asleep" on his door--you had learned.
"Hmmm, interesting." He said to you. "interesting indeed. (Y/n) would you like to work for me? You could sleep in the shop and eat for your hard work as well."
     You didn't know what to say. Was the man willing to let you stay there when he barely knew anything about you? You didn't even know what this man did for a living. Err, well you did you supposed. It was in his name wasn't it? But you didn't know if he would murder you in the middle of the night. He said as long as you worked for him, though, you could sleep in the shop and eat for working. You had decided.

"I'll stay."
Be warned there may be swear words. I'm honestly not sure. :)
Whats gonna happen?
So you took the job. Good for you. :)
This was requested by Hetaliafangirlneko!!

I do not own Undertaker (or Black Butler)
I do not own you(you belong to The Undertaker)
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